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Orangebeard is an intelligent software solution that helps you manage and improve your automated testing through intelligent analyses, clear insights and selecting and running the right tests for each build.

Main features

 Fully detailed test results and logging
 Automated defect classification
 Workspace, project and test set level quality insights
 All test results in one place, in real-time
 Contextual test set optimization

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Collecting data

It all starts with data. That’s why Orangebeard aims to collect all relevant information on your test runs.
Orangebeard provides a listener interface to connect your test tools- and frameworks, as well as tool-specific integrations to send your test runs, -suites and -cases’ output to Orangebeard.

You can choose to connect to Orangebeard using one of our tool-specific connectors or roll your own using one of our open source API clients.

Regardless of where you store and run your tests from, Orangebeard handles data from any origin, such as your developer laptop, or a Cloud based CI service. And everything in between. Besides test run output, you can also provide Orangebeard with version information of your system under test, so Orangebeard knows what changes are being tested.

Data model & Terminology

Orangebeard aims to provide a uniform representation of test results, regardless of the test tool used to generate them.
For that, we aim to present all test results in the same data model scheme:

In Orangebeard, the first thing to define is a project. A project is a logical name that will contain one or more test sets that can be executed. The execution of a test set, becomes a test run.

When a test run is reported to Orangebeard, it consists of a structure of suites that can be nested. A suite is like a folder that can contain test cases.

Test cases can contain logs, but can also be structured more by reporting steps to hold the log items. These steps can also be nested.

Projects can be combined into a workspace to provide a higher level overview of the state of your testing efforts.

Structure summary

Projects can be combined into workspaces. A workspace provides a broader overview of your testing efforts. Workspaces can be managed by administrators from the Admin panel.


When a user has access to at least 1 project in a workspace, the entire workspace will be visible to the user. This includes the overview cards of projects of which the user is not a member.
If the user is a member of a project then the project overview and test results of that project are clickable. Clicking the card's header will navigate to the project overview.