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Project Overview

The project overview can be accessed in the following ways:

  1. Select a project from the project selection drop down
  2. Click on a project card header in the Workspace Overview
  3. Using the navigation sidebar's Overview link
Docusaurus themed imageDocusaurus themed image

Overview header bar

The overview's header bar contains the following elements:

  • Test set name filter: An input that can be used to filter the view by test set name. The filter value is reflected in the browser's address bar, so a filtered view can be bookmarked or shared.
  • Maximum age filter: A dropdown to select the maximum age of test sets to take into account. A test set is only displayed if the last run is not older than the selected maximum age.
  • Hide passed runs toggle: A toggle to show only runs with errors/defects.

Test Set status cards

Test set status cards show information about the test set's latest run (execution):

Docusaurus themed imageDocusaurus themed image

Status card information

The card displays the following information:

  • Test set (display) name: The name of the test set. If a display name is configured, the display name is shown.
  • Test set number: The sequence number of the test set. The number represents the number of times the test set has been reported to Orangebeard.
  • Duration: The time the test run took to complete.
  • Pass/fail donut diagram: A donut diagram showing the distribution of passed (green) and failed (red) tests. The number in the middle represents the test case count.
  • Defect distribution donut diagram: A donut showing the distribution of defects over the different defect type categories. The number in the middle represents the total number of failed tests in the latest run.
  • Status indicator: A colored label representing the status of the latest run. The status color is also reflected in the left border of the card.