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User Account

The user account page provides basic user information about the currently logged-in user.

User account pageUser account page

Personal information

In the personal information tile, the user can review personal details, set or remove a user avatar, or change their password.

Listener token

The listener token is a unique, user-bound token that allows authenticated users to report test results to the listener API.
A listener token can be regenerated from here, after which the old token will no longer allow access to the listener API on the user's behalf.


Make sure to keep listener tokens private! It is good practice to treat them like passwords and not to share them with others - i.e. push them to git repositories. To use a listener token in a CI build or pipeline, it is recommended to store the token as a secret and get its value the way your continuous integration tooling prescribes.

Listener configuration wizard

By clicking the Listener configurations button, the user can access the listener configuration wizard. The wizard provides the following steps to configure a listener:

The first step is to select the project to generate a listener configuration for.

Step 1: choose projectStep 1: choose project

The dropdown contains all projects the user has access to.


The projects tile provides a quick overview of the user's projects and its role within these projects.